Fluoro Sponge

Siloxane free, low output gas compatible sponge


  • Heat resistant, can be used at 200°
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Non-combustible (equivalent to UL94/V0)


As embedded material

  • Gasket and sealing material for semiconductor and liquid crystal photolithography equipment (stepper)
  • Packing material for transportation of parts of liquid crystal photolithography equipment
  • Fuel cell flange packing
  • Cushion material in the flat panel (cover glass) laminating equipment
  • Sealing material in the conveyer system used in semiconductor factories
  • Packing material for preventing leakage from clearance in semiconductor vacuum equipment
  • Packing material in the heater of toilet seat

As test and inspection equipment material

  • Cushion material in the experimental devices used outside space station
  • Thermal insulation and cushion material in semiconductor device testing equipment
  • Adsorption pad material in electronic board and imaging device

As secondary material in product

  • Cushion material for hot press in FPC (flexible printed circuit) production
  • Suction paid of vacuum equipment
  • Filter and adsorption pad material in plants that use chemicals
  • Cushion material for up-and-down bed in hot press
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