FKM Compound

Features of the fluoro-rubber plant

  • Kneading machines used in the plant as open roll machines and closed kneader.
    * In this plant, machines as well as staff members are only handling fluoro-rubber, which fully prevents contamination with other rubber materials.
  • We supply high quality compounds backed by computer based management of the measurement process of blending materials, thorough product traceability, and measurement of original properties of the products.
  • We can also handle removal of contaminates using extrusion machine.
  • Products can be offered in various forms such as sheets, ribbons, and pellets.
  • Packaging using aluminum deposited bags prevents absorption of moisture by products.
  • Production takes place in the plant having controlled air-conditioning environment.
Extrusion machine

Extrusion machine

Features of open roll

  • We supply high quality products with the help of our experienced operators.
  • Compared to general closed type kneader , it allows production with excellent dispersion at low temperatures (90℃ and below).
  • It can handle small lot production.
22 inch roll

22 inch roll

Features of closed pressurized kneader

  • It is specially customized for fluoro-rubber, and it allows production with excellent dispersion at low temperature (100℃ or below).
  • Because we are using 35L kneader, we can also supply in large lots, which is very cost effective.
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